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MMS marketing worked for Samsung

February 9, 2006 at 8:22 by Martina Comments

The first MMS marketing campaign by Samsung Mobile proved to be a success with a response rate of over 15 percent and a conversion rate of 2. The campaign, developed by Enpocket, gave Samsung Fun Club members the possibility to view a preview of the mobile game “Skipping Stone” and then then the chance to instantly download a free demo using a WAP link embedded in the message. Once respondents had trialled the free demo they could then go on to buy the full game from a dedicated WAP site.
Mike Baker, President and CEO, Enpocket commented: “Conversion rates are more immediate and more dramatic when brands market to customers on the same device where mobile content is downloaded and consumed“.

One Response to MMS marketing worked for Samsung

  1. bottleHeD says:

    The first MMS marketing campaign fora product right?
    I believe there was a bollywood movie recently that used MMS clips to promote itself.

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