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The Ice Age is back (with a viral)

February 21, 2006 at 1:39 by Martina Comments

One of my favourite animated films ever “Ice Age” is about to come back with the second episode. To promote the upcoming movie release, Twentieth Century Fox has created a viral marketing campaign featuring one of the funniest characters, Sid the Sloth. The Bling My Sid site allows users to “dress” Sid and share their creation with other visitors who can also vote for it. Below you can see what I came up with… Maybe you cannot tell I work for a fashion brand now ;-)
[news via New Media Age]

2 Responses to The Ice Age is back (with a viral)

  1. Very fun site…. My three year old had no interest in seeing this movie, but after playing around with the wardrobe, she now wants to see the video.
    I like the innovation.

  2. Casper says:

    The only problem is that saving your creation for use as an icon within Messenger definitely doesn’t work. I blinged up Sid at the zoo and when I clicked on the link to see the “Buddy” graphic he was in a nightclub – OOPS!

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