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Make your virtual note real

March 1, 2006 at 2:31 by Mark Comments

Take Note is an interesting on- and offline connection from Staedtler, an international writing instruments supplier. They invite site visitors to say something, whether thoughtful or stupid – by online writing a note to friends, strangers or themselves. Staedtler will write down this message on real paper and send it on to the specified address – along with a black and red pencil. Too bad it only works for Australia, but the idea from agency Host is great.

One Response to Make your virtual note real

  1. Ian Farmer says:

    I think this is a great website but feels like a sampling campaign with some missed opportunities.
    Like so many great websites, some of the key non technical aspects of the campaign have been overlooked. As the sender, I wasn’t asked for my details (email or physical address), which I think is a missed opportunity for building a consumer database. As they are giving away a free service, they should have used the opportunity to include 1 or 2 consumer insight questions. The gallery of existing notes are difficult to navigate – I would have got someone to write some clever notes and sorted them into categories such as humour, friendship, love etc. I think the promotion could have been adapted to market customised pencils that contain a special message .. perhaps with a min order qty of 100.

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