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Polo. Built to protect

April 2, 2006 at 10:09 by Martina Comments

Since I will receive my new Polo in less than a month, I definitely enjoyed this new ad by DDB London for Volkswagen Polo. A little bit sad, rather classy and very subtle.

One Response to Polo. Built to protect

  1. nick says:

    If I see another huge budget greyed-out ad shot in a busy city with a classical soundtrack that sets up some sort of curious little thing happening that grows to an event of epic proportions before cutting to a cute final scene and an endline that ties the whole tenuous thing together, I’ll scream. See: The last 20 Adidas spots, about 100 car spots that all just blur into each other, the Visa ad where people carry doors around etc etc. The worst so far is the spot for Pump water – it takes the classic Queen track ‘We will rock you’, as the camera moves around yet another greyed out city, each person says one word of the song as if it’s in the course of ordinary conversation, the words and noises link to create the soundtrack. Nice idea, perfect track – but somehow the execution totally stuffs it.

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