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Wet T-Shirt contest

April 11, 2006 at 10:13 by Mark Comments

Morningwood, an American retro/punk/new wave/garage band, found a whole new (and great) way of promoting their new single. They launched a Wet T-Shirt Contest advergame that definitely attracts many men (including me). It takes some time to load, but it’s worth waiting for..

14 Responses to Wet T-Shirt contest

  1. Steve Hall says:

    WTF!! I hate you! I waited all the way through that song just for an F’ing April Fools’ joke??? And a late one at that. How dare you waste my time like that? :-)
    Worth waiting for? Hardly. Who paid you to say that?

  2. LSA says:

    What an abysmal ad! Forget about my desire to view a wet t-shirt contest, but as a user I feel so let cheated by this that I am actively going to boycott anything from this band, and I am really into all kinds of music having a very broad range of influences and favoured artists. MorningWood have made a big mistake with this campaign and I hope it backfires.

  3. freddy says:

    i want that 2 minutes back.!!

  4. FT says:

    I replicate those comments from LSA and Steve Hall. Further, I had a similar experience with a little band from middle Ohio (the Breeders) — I’ll ruin Morningwood, just like I ruined the Breeders.
    Big mistake.

  5. Roger says:

    Hahaha, I say it´s great!!

  6. I thought it was great. Was dissapointing but it was a good tactic.

  7. Bill says:

    Loved it. I’ve heard the single before and went to iTunes shortly thereafter and bought it (partly out spite for some of you… lighten up, guys).

  8. MrMiles says:

    I thought it was quite funny. I was sucked in. I even excitedly fired of the link to a bunch of mates before it had finished “loading”. Liked the tune to. Not sure if calling the user a “pervert who’s going to hell” is quite the right way to treat the user, but it’s quite amusing all the same. And the tune’s quite good too.

  9. Brad says:

    I will remember this bands name and how much of my time they owe me. Great way to loose friends b4 you get started.

  10. Joe says:

    Damnit, some people need to lighten up. It was a frickin joke. I guess the hole idea of a sense of humor is lost on some people. Grow up, stop your whining and realize that you got had by a marketing ploy. Hate it or love it, I bet you told people about it and used the name of the band (even if you told them how stupid it was). It’s still name recognition and it increases public awareness. Not the funniest joke, true, but you listened to their song and remember their name. (even if you did waste WHOLE MINUTES of your life; which seems pretty trivial if you are surfing ads anyway)

  11. stevenad says:

    I think it has totally wasted the user’s time and it will backfire. Sure its kinky, but u can put any babe in bikini in any ad, or a huge add trex and it will sure attract attention. The thing is, is it relevant? it has nothing to do with the sexy gal and all. it could be anything to grab my attention. For example it could be a beautiful car and I happened to be looking for one and it turn sout to be selloing a house? hello? This makes the user feels cheated. Stupid idea. Dun they ever read Ogilvy on Advertising anymore?

  12. Joerg Roher says:

    A market consists of individuals who associate your product with, on some level, and emotional response. If you can secure a positive response you are set. Here is my emotional response;
    1 – The music annoyed me so I had it on mute!
    2 – I felt frustrated it took so long to load
    3 – I felt cheated they lied to me
    4 – i felt disdain at their cheap tactics.
    I’d say they risk alienating their target audience.

  13. fred says:

    then after you feel cheated you see a link to buy the album, as if you would. This is another internet &*!!$%!+ lie and will boycott this band + bad mouth them when ever I here there name being used. I will not bring up this name or talk about it, just bad mouth when it has being mentioned. some people in here have said for us to grow up but really it is this band that needs to grow up.

  14. e-1 says:

    haha They got me with that joke a few months ago and now I notice it starting to work for them… It’s a very well thought off marketing joke. Respect to them.

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