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It’s all about engagement… or maybe not?

April 20, 2006 at 9:13 by Martina Comments

On ClickZ, writes a very interesting article on the “engagement” idea in online marketing. I’m so happy to hear her point of view on this topic!
One thing’s for certain: engagement as the objective of your next marketing campaign doesn’t make a lot of sense, at least until we’ve figured out how to definitively measure the results.
It’s amazing how many times we concentrate all our attention on the “beauty” of a website, on how it is funny or on its viral potentials etc… and we therefore miss the key points any online effort should bear in mind: which are the marketing and communication objectives of my online campaign? Who am I trying to reach?
Viral marketing applications can also be effective where engaging consumers is concerned if they serve a purpose beyond just that. Take a moment to recall some of the most popular viral videos and interactive tools and you’ll realize their success wasn’t measured in their ability to engage alone.

7 Responses to It’s all about engagement… or maybe not?

  1. Daria says:

    Understanding the consumers and their passion points is the key of every marketing efforts. We have to understand consumers’ needs and the role different media plays role in fulfilling those needs. It is like getting under the skin of the persons we want to talk to. The whole consumer insights process together with clearly defined objectives makes possible for campaigns (online, viral, print, whatever) to get consumers’ attention / engagement.

  2. Your comments concerning the things that we concern important on a website, I couldn’t agree more with.
    You wouldn’t believe (I guess you would) how many times I try to talk online marketers to do everything they do with their customer in mind.
    Including making the site easy to use, simple to navigate and not cluttered by an array of widgets and gadgets that confuse what it is that they want the customer to do.

  3. Mary says:

    I certainly agree to that. Mostly, we are so concerned of “our” own objectives and goals and that is the common mistake most sites make. In the web, there should be greater concern to your visitors because online attention only happens within seconds. Thus, make the most out of those moments.

  4. Does it really need to be a one-or-the-other scenario? Of course we need to asses the market place and figure out who we’re trying to market to. And of course we need to communicate the proper message to that audience. That’s why the best engaging and immersive campaigns provide content that is relevant to their target audience. And they present content in a manner that they know will appeal to their audience.
    Without engaging your audience, you’re just another fish in the sea. Can a website be funny, viral and still communicate your marketing objectives? Of course it can, and any good campaign should do all of those things. I think when we talk about engaging our audience, we’re talking about providing them with a message that they will connect with on an emotional level. Engagment is really what branding is all about. Without an emotional connection, there is no brand, only a product and a company.
    As far as measuring the results, can you definitively measure the result of a TV commercial? Heck no! Sure, you know what the viewership is, but how many of those people really saw your ad? How many of them cared? Immersive, engaging campaigns are as, if not more measurable than traditional advertising. Especially those that have online compnents. YOu can track where your audience comes from, where they go, what content they use the most, and in many cases, you can directly track purchases.
    Engaging campaigns lead to brand immersion. Brands now become a part of people’s lives, rather than just a symbol on a label.

  5. jean says:

    This is one interesting post.
    this what marketers and creative people in the internet and alternative marketing sector should abide by.
    Viral and interactive marketing shouldn’t stay repetitive and only creative.
    target groups, effective mediums and especially ROI should be taken into consideration in order to keep the Buzz marketing and new medias up to the level of being called ” Efficient tools ” to reach consumers and viewers.
    Thanks for the post martina

  6. Age says:

    Very interesting arguments presented here.
    I work for a creative agency in Melbourne, Australia whose whole manifesto revolves around social insights (or SINS as we call them.)
    check out

  7. God ideas, understanding the consumer and how you should organize a website, a viral campaign or equal does not bring value to the table.
    This is simple necessities that anybody in marketing (agency or client) should allow themselves to take for granted.
    You need to take it further if you want attention and you need to be able to bring valid information to the table when arguing your case. The industry has matured and it will continue to do so.
    Too many advisors in the industry still think that it is enough to focus on how the new fantastic digital communication channels can do the trick for any marketer.
    If you are unable to link your advice to the companies overall strategic objectives as well as the actual marketing objectives, then you will be doomed to fail.
    Just ask yourself – will this investment pay off penny vs. penny? And are you able to document this afterwards with actual numbers, qualitative and quantitative? If not, redo the thing until you are… It’s that simple!
    Did I forget to mention this link referencing to our latest campaign: I think that this guy knows what he is talking about :)

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