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Hype or not: Nokia N91?

May 2, 2006 at 8:21 by admin Comments

Soon, very soon Nokia releases a new phone in the N-series. The N91.
Looking at it’s features I can only say I am amazed. And, not taking the price into account, it looks like it’s going to beat the iPod as a gadget. The new Nokia N91 has it all, built in one!!
nokia_N91.jpgSome of it’s features:
- 4Gb hard disc, the same as the iPod Nano, for up to 3000 songs in stereo
- Plays MP3, wmv, wav, aac
- Download using USB, WiFi
- Battery lasts for 12h before recharging
- FM-radio
- 2 megapixel camera
- a whole bunch of smartphone applications and functions
Target price: 649€.
But talking about buzz. In Belgium, the Antwerp based agency These Days has started creating word around the new phone. 4 People in Belgium got a for testing and writing about it on their blog. This seemed to be a perfect solution. Instead of spending a huge budget on marketing, the bloggers are doing all the promotion in exchange for a N91.
One person got the for auctioning on eBay. Also a success as people started bidding from all over the world. The Nokia got sold for 812 Euros.

3 Responses to Hype or not: Nokia N91?

  1. Faris says:

    All part of the plan mate.
    I think that there is a equitable value exchange that technology companies can make here – provide bloggers with early access to toys in exchange for a write-up. Bloggers talk to other bloggers and early adopters, the key early market for tech toys when they are released.
    But you have to give them the freedom to say what they want, so you have to be very sure of how good your toy is.
    I believe that Nokia is VERY sure of how good the N91 is.

  2. marcelo says:

    It is a fucking good phone. I am using a prototype for a month now and wifi connection is great and sound is very hi quality (I connected to some speakers I use on my living room with the iPod) and connection to the PC is done through a regular miniusb.
    The only thing that sucks is the Symbian 9 OS: nobody has developped anything for it so far.

  3. Hi Marcelo,
    I think you can find some warez for the N91 here:

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