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Hollands Secret Weapon

May 23, 2006 at 9:33 by Mark Comments

During the European Championship Football in 2004, the loudspeaker hat from Heineken Netherlands got banned from Portuguese stadiums due to sponsor issues. That’s the reason they now, for the upcoming World Cup in Germany, introduced a new premium: Hollands Secret Weapon. A gentle looking German hunter’s head, but one that can be easily converted into a loudspeaker.

For the introduction of the new hat, Heineken started an extensive underground campaign…

Football supporters Marco and Marko were activated to try and find secret information about possible World Cup opponents. Therefore they launched Trojan Website’s in 14 different countries (see below). They pretended to support the local team, just to get as much inside info as possible. Bloggers from around the world wrote about the crazy Dutch football fans, but became confused when they found out Marco and Marko supported more then one country.
Finally, after a couple of weeks of underground action, the story has now been revealed on Marco and Marko tell their story, the hat is introduced and the secret info is gathered by country – all in one flashy site. Enjoy!

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