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Opel, prepare your hair

May 23, 2006 at 9:02 by Martina Comments

Laurens sent me the link to this viral campaign Opel is running in The Netherlands to support its Tigra Twin Top. In order to access the content you need to fill in your first name and last name plus a mobile phone number (you can use this: 0650847199 which my old Dutch number).
Once you are in you will find a video (which isn’t actually very funny, at least for me) which ends with a crazy Indian guy calling you on your mobile to tell you about the campaign. Of course you won’t be able to listen to the phone call, but I wanted to share this link because I like the idea of integrating media and messages. The Opel campaign in itself isn’t particularly brilliant nor viral, but they are doing a great thing taking a campaign from the Internet to the mobile phone and viceversa. A good starting point for you guys to come up with other concepts…

3 Responses to Opel, prepare your hair

  1. Wim says:

    It’s a stolen idea from another Belgian agency who did exactly the same thing for Mini two years ago.

  2. stefan says:

    What do yoy mean stolen idea? They are the same guys as Mini (I can know, I’m one of them). And on top of that, the technology is brought further than 1 year ago. So the idea is not stolen, just used in a different way for another objective. Nobody says on a poster it is the same idea as the first poster. It’s about the message that’s on the poster, as it is about the message in Opels viral.

  3. Wim says:

    The only thing that makes this viral worth mentioning, is the ‘idea’ that you’re called on your mobile while watching (the film itself isn’t funny at all).
    And that idea has been used by Mini. So if it’s you that made the Mini campaign and this one, then you don’t have a lot of inspiration :-)
    The first one to use assvertising is funny, the second isn’t. The first one to use google earth in a campaign is clever, the second one not. And so on.
    That’s the point I’m making.

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