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Stella Artois: can you pull the perfect pint?

May 26, 2006 at 3:55 by Martina Comments

Lowe Worldwide and Lowe Tesch have created a video-advergame to challenge beer lovers pulling the perfect pint. The experience is quite engaging, also because it’s very much in Stella Artois’ mood.

The action takes place in Le Cercle Bar et Brasserie, a classic bar set somewhere in the French speaking world. Players first of all need to select the right glass (and this is pretty straightforward), then they are asked to perform more difficult actions, such as deciding the perfect glass’ inclination etc…
As you can see, my performance is not worth remembering…

news via Brandrepublic.

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One Response to Stella Artois: can you pull the perfect pint?

  1. maximark says:

    Although it’s a nice idea, the game takes too long. Most people would give up half way through. Yes they will have brand interaction but will leave the site frustrated. Game designers need to remember that most people are not running at 1MB per sec.

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