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5 Things not to Learn from Traditional Agencies (Creative Social)

August 3, 2006 at 5:37 by admin Comments

A while back I told you what Creative Social ( thought digital agencies should be learning off their traditional counterparts. Well here are the 5 things we don’t want to learn from the traditional agencies:
Must always be open to change or we will become the next generations of dinosaurs
Making sure the best people work on the best work e.g. Creative Directors directing not doing admin
Not putting our best people on the next new client toy
Don’t let media and creative separate they are both integral to a great advertising campaign and so need to work together not in isolation
Don’t create inner divisions e.g. The suits v The creative. Let creative people talk and explain their work and at the same time let creative people appreciate the role that the account planner do
More thoughts from Creative Social to follow shortly.

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