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Nike, hybrid but lovely (and smart)

October 12, 2006 at 12:56 by Martina Comments

Nike has recently put online The Rise of the Hybrids, a series of three lovely animated webfilms to promote its Air Max 360 shoes “One Time Only”. Created by HunterGatherer, the videos are, as I said, lovely. They combine different art styles such as cubism and children book illustrations to create an animated path through evolution. I’m not sure the added value they provide to the shoes promotion, but I like them as an expression of art, and therefore as they support Nike as a brand.

Looking at the online marketing side of the project, my learning note from it says “when you put a webfilm embedded in a Flash, and you want people to talk about it, make sure you allow users to copy & paste the embed html, so that they can put it on their blog or Myspace profile“. Simple, buy smart.

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