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Renault, art and future

October 16, 2006 at 8:49 by Martina Comments

Renault is working on a concept for a new version of its Twingo model. They have recently presented the concept car in Paris, and they are now creating buzz around it with a promotional site very much focused on the mix between art and innovation.
The site is nicely designed with dark colours, futuristic shapes, and a great soundtracks which emotionally engages the visitors.

Make sure to visit the “plug&create” section, which bets a lot on user-generated content, and in particular aims at attracting young artists who want to get some visibility online.
Once again, from my point of view, it’s interesting to note how big brands who want to appeal to younger consumers focus their efforts on art & music. I’m not able to judge the results of this Renault’s action, I just know for sure that this path, can be successful, but it’s surely painful and requires a lot of effort.
Website found via VoXinaBlog.

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