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Beware of the Mystery Fabric

October 25, 2006 at 5:50 by Martina Comments

America’s Cotton Producers and Importers have launched a nice website to promote the one and only original cotton fabric. Developed by DDB New York, the site is extremely well done, with the attention to details I always love to see.
They have taken an advertainment approach to explain the mysteries behind artificial fabrics often used in making clothes. The site is full of amusing stuffs, such as a TV spot (very much in Sex and City style), viral videos, funny presentations of fabric developers, a mysteric fabric naming generator and much more.

One Response to Beware of the Mystery Fabric

  1. Chris says:

    I feel like they went down the road of entertainment a little too far. As a 27 yo male I completely understand that I am not the target market for this site, so perhaps the dangers of choosing unknown fabrics is all too well known to women. But viewing it from the outside, it really doesn’t make me understand why they’re bad. The cautionary ‘viral’ video tales are so tame compared to what we’re used to on the web, and the fabric name generator wasn’t nearly as clever as I’d hoped (to this point, I’ll again mention that perhaps it missed me so wide because it wasn’t aimed at me at all).

    I found the testimonials to be the most interesting section, and I’m surprised they had so many people contribute stories. I’m glad they did though, now I have an idea what they’re talking about with the rest of the site.

    I like the way it’s built out, and the attention to detail is there. However, I get a very strong feeling that whoever did this site was watching a lot of TBS while the project was on, the movement, sound effects and feel is very them.

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