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KLM Fly for Fortune, and for fun

October 30, 2006 at 9:58 by Martina Comments

KLM has launched a new advergame, called Fly for Fortune. Before playing the game you are invited to watch a lovely Pixar-style game trailer (by Publicis Dialog9, which to a certain extent is even better than the advergame itself.
The whole experience is pretty nice (you can personalize your plane – see mine below), even if they could have invested more in the game longevity.
What is impressive is not that the game is available in 10 languages (nothing strange with this) rather the fact that players from 58 countries can enter the contest… what a massive work for the KLM’s legal office :-)

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4 Responses to KLM Fly for Fortune, and for fun

  1. Igor says:

    The viral KLM video is being tracked with ViralTracker.

  2. Eliasar says:

    Sad that this wonderfull game doesnt work.
    I send over 24 friends te message and got 18 back. Form those 18 games only 4 worked.
    Babs Eliasar

  3. George says:

    Works just fine for me, no win yet

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