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Durex does it again

November 27, 2006 at 2:09 by Martina Comments

Durex is online with a new advertainment website called “The Pants Whisperer“. If you’re behind a proxy you might not be able to see it (as in my case from work).
I must say I did not find it particularly entertaining and, in some cases it’s quite rude, like in the user generated video section (is it all fake or people really submitted those videos?). The Dickorations was a much better concept.

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2 Responses to Durex does it again

  1. InteractiveAli says:

    Have you been on YouTube, Flickr or whats that other lil’site oh yeah MYSPACE? Life happens, rude is funny… if its done right. If a condom company can’t talk about sex and have a little fun with it, who can? I do agree with you in regards to (conceptual genius) I would have liked to have seen them do more with it though. I have to say thepantswhisperer isn’t without entertainment value and yes I sent the url to a few friends too. I guess I just like that sites today are more than just an extension of the local library and more experience driven.

  2. adverteyes says:

    Agreed – Dickorations was funny, but where do you go with it next? Anyway, I shared this Penis Whisperer with a bunch of folks. Compared to the “oh my g-d we’re all gonna get aids” stuff on MTV from trojan, this is a far better way to go. One guy’s opinion, anyway.

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