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Advergames around the world

January 7, 2007 at 1:14 by Martina Comments

A lazy Sunday afternoon with some time to spend to look through the advergames submissions I’ve received over the last couple of weeks…
From Argentina, an advergame by Three Melons for Sony, to promote their Home Theatre device called Muteki. The game is connected to a promotion which includes a reward for every level you overcome.
From the US, Water Busters! an edugame launched by the Seattle Public Utilities to teach people how’s important to save water. It’s not exciting to play, but does a good job explaining where you can avoid wasting water.

From Spain, an original game for Ambar beer. You have to play the guitar clicking on the corresponding number in the moment the falling block passes the green line. Since the concept is quite good, it could have been exploited much more, with a better design/interface and also somehow building a story around it. The advergame has been created by Omepet Advergaming.

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