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Jeep launches interactive comic book

February 11, 2007 at 9:34 by Martina Comments

I love reading comics (the latest I bought is the brilliant Shenzhen: A Travelogue From China by Guy Delisle) so I couldn’t help spending a few minutes on the Jeep Patriot Comics site. A part from the fact they tried it hard to make the site less usable as possible (register and login are the first 2 menacing words you see, while you actually have to register only if you want to submit a story), the project is definitely worth some attention. Again, don’t be surprised, it’ all based around user-generated content.
The Jeep Patriot Comics is defined as “the first interactive collaborative creation the comic world has ever seen“. Yes it does sound very American, but it also seems to be kind of true. Jeep and Marvel drafted the first pages of the story, and now it’s up to the users to submit ideas and see them converted into the real story by the pencil of Bing Cansino. The interactive comic is also supported by a tips&tricks section in blog-style, a good idea to catch-up with the project. Also, according to what declared on the blog, registered participants will receive a printed version of the comic book.
If online actually meets offline at the end of everything, than I can really say I like the Jeep idea.

One Response to Jeep launches interactive comic book

  1. JoeGarcia says:

    I don’t like the headlights on the Jeep, but the ones on the account executive are nice.

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