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Dubai Lynx Awards

March 20, 2007 at 10:53 by Mark Comments

The winners of the first Dubai Lynx Awards, the new leading creative advertising competition for the Middle East and North Africa, were revealed yesterday. After selecting a shortlist of 388 ads from the 1679 entries submitted, the jury awarded a total of 111 Dubai Lynx trophies. The Interactive Grand Prix was won by Lowe Mena Dubai for the Axe Deodorant commercial ‘Females’. View all the winning work.

2 Responses to Dubai Lynx Awards

  1. Hi Rocco – greetings from an ad blogger all the way from the UAE.
    Good to see the Middle East advertising scene being covered on your blog.
    If you’d like to have a peek at what the Dubai Lynx ceremony looked like, drop by at my blog – I’m blogging about Dubai Lynx and have some pictures to share with creative people across the world :-)
    copywriter, journalist, advertising blogger

  2. Ryan Thomas says:

    I LOVED THE AXE Towels from the first time I saw them. I was reading “Brand Hijack” and they mentioned that they produced branded ‘swag’ in small enough quantities and without access to the public so that brand affectionadio’s would have to steal it adding to the story.
    “Swipe Worthy” were the words used. As soon as I saw those towels all I could think was “I have to steal one of those…”
    On one more note, they should stealth those towels with man hands into gay bath houses, it would be a huge push for the heterosexual brand and could be done without the core consumer group being alerted.
    Middle Eastern Advertising awareness is great for the world. Shows us how much we all have in common. Also it casts the Middle east in a totality different like, the “ctrl + Z” targeted at women who work in a professional world is not the kind of thing most people States side are shown.
    Good luck and keep it up.

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