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Sprite goes kite

May 23, 2007 at 1:29 by Mark Comments

After the very successful Dynamite Surfing video from Quicksilver, I knew similar branded video’s wouldn’t take long to pop up. And indeed, here’s the first. What seems to be a terrible kite surf accident, filmed by amateurs, turns out to be a Sprite Zero ad. Not as brilliant as Dynamite Surfing, but still entertaining.

4 Responses to Sprite goes kite

  1. viralavatar says:

    Hey I think u took this video from my blog. Am I wrong? If not..can u add via viralavatar? thanks

  2. Martina says:

    dear Viralavatar, we usually always quote our sources, i’ll check with Rocco, and in case i’ll add the credits, cheers

  3. Rocco says:

    Hi Viralavatar,
    I didn’t get this one from your blog. The video seems to be around since may 12, and caught my eye while browsing youtube. Otherwise I obviously would have credit you!

  4. Jean says:

    We did last year for tahiti HOMME the shower gel from tahiti.and we sponsored the number one Kitesurf team in France: team FOne.
    We’ll relaunch the site this year on the 1st of June, check it:

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