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Today is your lucky day

June 4, 2007 at 5:36 by Martina Comments

From France, a weird interactive adventure game launched by Les Chinois for Groupe Lucien Barrière, which owns a series of Casino in the country. The site is all in French, therefore I owe you some explanations…


Basically, what happens is that in France the legislation on gambling is getting stricter and stricter. Very soon it will no longer possible to smoke in casinos, plus recently they have been forced to ask for an ID card to anyone entering their spaces (actually I thought this was normal…). In any case, since they fear they will start loosing customers, they’ve launched this online campaign to promote their services, but also to draw public opinion’s attention on the restricting las.
I would avoid any comment on the ethical side of this effort, I’ve posted about it because I find interesting the use of video to create a sort of storytelling. The concept is also quite sarcastic, very French I would say. In the interactive story where a medium (kind of weird medium) tells you that today is your lucky day. He is having this vision of you playing and winning the super jackpot because you have been following the signs of luck. Your goal is to actually find the lucky signs to get to the end of the game and virtually win the Super Jackpot.
From a “tehcnical” point of view, as I said, it’s an interesting project, I actually find the action somehow too slow and not very engaging (and as you know, I “hate”being forced to register before knowing what the game is about). Of course there are prizes to win, and this, as usual, can prove a valid (yet cheap) hook to get people’s attention to the end.

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