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Say goodbye to the smelly fridge

June 5, 2007 at 2:34 by Martina Comments

It’s quite some time I don’t post print campaigns… this time I can’t avoid sharing these ads I’ve found on Cool0r. The agency is DDB Paris, is Brandt, a refrigerator which prevents odors to mix. I think the illustration/characters’ idea is just brilliant.


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5 Responses to Say goodbye to the smelly fridge

  1. shedwa says:

    Do you think they are illustrations or did they actually create the characters out of clay?

  2. Cedric.c says:

    I see that i’m not the only one to find them really funny ;)

  3. Martina says:

    At first sight, I thought they were made in 3D studio. But maybe you’re right, they’re made out of clay…

  4. The chicken melon looks hilarious. Nice graphic design, or clay design if thats what it really is.

  5. Schmidt says:

    I think its neither clay nor 3D studio, its a mix of smells and a very clever Idea…

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