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Horror in Italian interactive

June 6, 2007 at 12:54 by Martina Comments

This is not a nice post. Once again I have to sadly point out how it’s rare and unusual in Italy to find innovative ideas in interactive. This morning I was reading Pubblicità Italia, and I found the news about this campaign (sorry the article it’s in Italian), a website created to promote the upcoming horror movie “Hostel II”. I visited it and I thought “cool, eventually an innovative concept!
But it was just an illusion…
Yes, because when you first land on the site you happen to see a L’Oreal kind of visual, promoting a beauty farm and a series of treatments to keep you beauty and young.

However the positive impression lasts just for a couple of seconds, because after a moment the site reloads and because the ugly page I show below.

So, to recap… they had a very good idea (hiding an horrow movie campaign behind a beauty farm site), but they didn’t take it any single step further. There isn’t a second level of content (and there was sooo much to play with!), everything is just a wallpaper! Flat, sad and depressing. Who’s the one to blame for this lack of energy? The client? The agency?

And then you wonder why Diesel, an Italian brand, won a series of awards (One Show Silver, One Show bronze and a Clio Silver) in interactive… is it maybe because we worked with a Swedish agency?
Please excuse my vent. But being Italian, and working in interactive in Italy I’m kind of tired of being forced to look abroad to find good ideas. I don’t ask for innovation in every single action, but at least I look forward to see websites that make sense marketing and interactive wise!

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7 Responses to Horror in Italian interactive

  1. filter says:

    the client I guess. today in Italy the client is (often) the enemy #1 of a creative project

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would you believe…a print concept sliced up in Photoshop and called a website.
    Feels so…1996.

  3. Martina says:

    being on the client side (and in a “brave” company) I tend to disagree. The presentations we received from Italian agencies have always been everything bu t innovative, even if they knew the characteristics of our brand. Of course I’m sure there are/will be exceptions, but I’m so eager to find them out! :-)

  4. dario says:

    there *is* a site, behind the gory “façade”. Only, it’s timed, one has to wait a bit (a bit too much, perhaps).

  5. Celine says:

    In this case the borderline between agency and the client is very very veru thin. All the manager of the marketing and the communication come from Saatchi&Saatchi and the Digital Coordinator Marketing was an account of the Saatchi until the past year. The problem is just this!!! When client and agency are almost the same company, creativity is the real loser.

  6. Something similar was already done for PSP game “Infected”. If you have an account on you can view the work here:
    Shortlist Clio 2006.
    If you want I can send you the pdf. I only need your email address.
    Read this articles
    See you on

  7. Yes, intriguing for 3-4 seconds but no engagement beyond that. But innovation doesn’t always help if you innovate in the wrong way as this game for a horror movie release in the UK shows (IMHO):

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