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Europe, show me the numbers

June 11, 2007 at 3:36 by Martina Comments

It’s quite some time I don’t write about research and numbers (maybe because before I didn’t care much !!??!!) but now in my new position, I have to keep my eyes open on this aspect of the business as well Thanks to the guys @ Marketingfacts (and to the brilliant powe of slideshare!), we can access a few interesting data on online advertising in Europe presented last week in Brussels by the IAB.

As you can see, UK leads the way, followed by Germany and France. Actually the info I find more interesting, is that the average expenditure per active user is 39.1€.

One Response to Europe, show me the numbers

  1. Draugishkas says:

    ok, thats something new for me, i thought that Germany is leading ;)

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