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Broad shoulders for broad concepts

June 24, 2007 at 10:04 by Martina Comments

I received a submission from Portugal with a guerrilla campaign run for a mobile phone operator. The idea is interesting, and I’d like to share with you, most of all, because when I saw it my first question was “what’s the connection with the brand?“.
The agency, Torke Stunt, was asked by the client (Optimus) to create “a brand experience targeted to young people within a big music festival context“. A service called “Broad Shoulders” was created. Ten big men offered their Broad Shoulders for people to climb on in order to better see the concerts or simply to find a lost friend amongst the crowd. As a result the word about the service quickly spread among those attending the festivals, and at the end of the three festival’s days, a lot of people wanted to take advantage of the “broad shoulders”.
mastro_lindo.jpgAs I said, the idea was original, but I cannot understand the connection with the brand or with the service offered. Maybe I miss some info on the positioning of Optimus on the market, but from what I received I can only say this could have been good idea maybe for Mastro Lindo/Meister Proper/Don Limpio or for any other product or service, where power and strenght are crucial…
So, to recap, I would say the Broad Shoulders project hasn’t been a brand experience, but rather “an” experience paid by a brand.

2 Responses to Broad shoulders for broad concepts

  1. Ryan Peal says:

    Thanks for sharing this – totally right, not sure how the idea fits the brand positioning, but I do like the idea. Now just trying to figure out the right company down here in Australia to approach with this idea that fits with the right brand personality and connection. Someone who offers company support or a helping hand. I’ll let you know if I think of one.

  2. Teresa says:

    First of all I’m glad that we’re starting to see some good ideas like this in Portugal.
    I was in this music festival and Optimus sponsored it. I think as a sponsor it’s a very good idea to activate the brand in the event as the brand positioning is to be a experiences enabler.

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