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AXE in Japan

July 4, 2007 at 9:35 by Mark Comments

AXE (LYNX) has launched in Japan with all the pop and candy you could imagine. The website is a funny mash of video, branded entertainment and the good old AXE women we are all so used to by now. The lead women on the site are all of western appearance talking in Japanese which is a bit odd.
Sections include the AXE NEWS, The AXERCISE and The Lesson (which explains the the Japanese what the AXE EFFECT is all about). I hate the background music but overall the site is loads of fun – even if I can’t understand any of it.

One Response to AXE in Japan

  1. federico says:

    Axe in 2002 did the same campaign for the european market. BBH New York, @radical media production company.
    Can we call it “ad recycling”? :-)

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