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Junior Social Networking

July 25, 2007 at 12:53 by Mark Comments

Via Brandrepublic – Puffin, the Penguin Books imprint, and the WWF are the first partners to sign up for a new interactive online world aimed at 6-11-year-olds.
WebbliWorld, launched this week, is a joint venture by Wallace and Gromit creator Aardman Animations and Enable Interactive, who designed and developed the site based on research into how children consume digital. Enable found that although younger children may access the web with assistance, they experience it as individuals. The older, pre-Bebo crowd is more likely to follow teenage trends and socialise online.
I disagree – the site is really confusing and totally hard to find stuff (loads of colours to target kids is a myth – keep it simple like we as adults like it). My (young) kids spent 20 seconds on it, clicked two things then exited, and then went straight back to their prefered comfort zones for kiddie games. It’s hard to get the young kids involved in your brand but at least make it really usable as a starting point.

3 Responses to Junior Social Networking

  1. AcordaBrasil says:

    Muito boa a matéria.
    I´m from Brazil!!!
    It`s very good.
    This site is very interesting.
    Can To divulge mine blog please?
    It helps me please!

  2. Karin Dirkx says:

    Hi, I read your blog regularly and this is the first time a comment a post. Why? I don’t know maybe because this project gives me twisted feelings.
    I’ve just spend more time than your kids on finding out what it is I can do over there… not much, unfortunately. You can earn Webbles (credits) but you can’t spend them! I get nothing in return for sending the site to friends or whatever it is they want me to do for earning some Webbles. It would be nice to get extra features or special games with the characters in stead of external links…
    The looks are great though. Really great! But you get nowhere with only great looks… The community has 315 members (a lot of graphic designers I think in stead of their target audience).
    My English might not be so great, but it’s better than my Spanish ;)

  3. Puno says:

    Too bad for Aardman, the look is so cool!
    What are good examples of children websites? I’m no 11 year old but I tend to gravitate towards game-centered sites. For example, and
    Websites like the Club Penguin get boring after awhile. Kids at this age don’t seem like they chat with eachother.
    Are there any other sites that don’t have to be games?

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