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Sporting wants you

August 14, 2007 at 7:17 by Martina Comments

The new football season is about to begin (and in some countries has already begun), therefore for the teams it’s time to train and work on their marketing activities to sell tickets and merchandise. In Portugal, Sporting CP has started a viral campaign to sell seasonal tickets, and even if you won’t understand much of what they say, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the idea.
The first match is about to begin. Everybody, players, trainer and the rest of the staff is in the locker room waiting. Waiting for a fan that is still missing. Suddendly the team player walks in, and points to the coach the name of the one who hasn’t arrived to the stadium yet… it’s you. So he calls you on the phone. And your mobile rings. For real.
Unfortunately the site doesn’t work with international numbers, but what happens is that when you answer the coach shuts at you, urging you to get to the stadium asap.
Even if the idea of a call in real time isn’t new, I believe that in such a context (targeting football fans) what counts it’s the potential it has to make people feel involved with their team, and of course to drive word of mouth.
Thank you Nuno for the hint!

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