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Play with Lacoste and win

September 2, 2007 at 11:40 by Martina Comments

If you’re based in the US, you have a few more days to play online against Roddick and win tickets for the Flushing Meadows final. Lacoste is online with a nice 3D advergame to connect its brand to the US Open and to reward good virtual tennis players with a night to remember.

Since there’s a prize to win, the game is quite difficult and sticky, and it results to be a cool idea for an old stylish brand like Lacoste to connect with its consumers. Unfortunately there is a negative side in the project: they want your data. You cannon play without registering, and if you want to play more than once you have to refer friends (who have to play as well in order to give you more credits).

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2 Responses to Play with Lacoste and win

  1. purplesimon says:

    There’s a spelling error on the registration form. Do proofreaders not work in digital?
    Apart from that, the site is slick, but with the game so hard and it being so obvious about harvesting email addresses and other personal data, I can’t imagine people will bother. And if they do, most of the information will probably be useless.
    Still, it was unexpected of a brand like Lacoste to do something like this IMO.

  2. adverlicious says:

    FYI, here’s the online ad that Lacoste is using to promote the game -
    Lacoste Web Tennis Challenge w/ Andy Roddick 300×250

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