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Almost back…

September 22, 2007 at 4:01 by Martina Comments

Sorry for the slow blogging, repeated newsletter and the lack of replies to your emails this week, but I have a good excuse… I’ll keep the story short, on Tuesday, while playing basketball I suffered a Achilles tendon rupture, I underwent a surgery and last night I came back from the hospital… Now I’m doing fine, but I’ll have to stay home for at least one month… and here comes the good news, I’ll have more time to read and review the tons of books I’ve received lately, and to blog on a more regular basis: every cloud has a silver lining!

3 Responses to Almost back…

  1. andrew b says:

    Hi – sorry to hear your bad news – but glad to hear you will be ok – you asked me to blog with adverblog a few months ago. I am now based in Seoul. S.Korea and would welcome to give you the Asia perspective…

  2. Darwin says:

    rest well… our favorite blogger! it does mean that we get to enjoy more of you in adverblog and facebook. cheers!

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