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Virals for sports fans

October 22, 2007 at 1:20 by Martina Comments

It has been an intense week-end for sports fans, with the Rugby World Cup final on Saturday and the last race of the Formula 1 championship yesterday. I realize it’s late to participate to the initiatives on “pinchalaruedadehamilton” and “Bless the boot“, but it’s still worth to look at the viral potential the two (almost) unbranded sites have been able to generate.


Pinchalaruedadehamilton that translates into Puncture Hamilton’s tire has been created by/for Alonso’s fans who wanted their pilot to win (and Hamilton to loose). Visitors could place a nail, a staple or a porcupine on Hamilton’s way to slow down or stop his race and more than 407000 pieces have been placed on his way.
Bless the Boot instead has been created to support England vs South Africa, and “might” hide Adidas behind the initiative, since the they are Wilkinson’s sponsor. And the boot has been blessed almost 324000 in a week…


Just a “detail”… in both cases the initiatives brought no luck to Alonso (we, I mean, Ferrari won the championship!! ehhhee) and to England’s team (South Africa won the cup).

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2 Responses to Virals for sports fans

  1. Perrito says:

    Ferrari AND Kimi won! You can’t help the fact that we Finns just kick ass in motorsports :D
    Nothing personal to anyone ;)

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