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The Canon Playground

November 13, 2007 at 2:47 by Martina Comments

Canon it’s promoting online its Eos 400D camera model with a nice site that, of course, puts photography at the center of the stage. It’s all about navigation and exploration of three different environments (playgrounds) where the camera features are embedded and explained. Everything it’s clear and simple. There aren’t fancy effects, but this is good because communication of the technical features results effective. And I guess this is the goal when you want to explain a camera.


The agency it’s Mediacatalyst who worked with multimedia designer Vincent Rebers.

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2 Responses to The Canon Playground

  1. This is a great example of the new advertising models consumer products companies are using to reach customers. On this site, Canon has done a nice job narrowing down its target customers into 3 categories, so that customers don’t need to sift through massive amounts of data to find the info they’re looking for.

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  2. This is a nice site. Unfortunately I hate flash sites. Hate the load time, hate the minimalist content that they usually have. That being said… The appearance was nice. As a programmer, I would just rather read specs, benefits, advantages, etc. (Than look at a bunch of pretty graphics and figure out what to click next.) However the interactivity on this site was real nice.

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