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Advent calendar: Gregory Pouy

December 3, 2007 at 10:43 by Martina Comments

Today the guest is Gregory Pouy, a French blogger, and the CEO of Buzzparadise an agency specialised in creating and deploying alternative marketing campaigns.
1) Which is the digital project that impressed you more this year and why?
In fact, I’m pretty amazed by the numbers of digital projects which happened in 2007! Companies are beginning to really understand that there’s really something going on there. I would say that the one which impressed me the most is the Dove advertising. This is not the most powerful buzz of the year (which would be the Iphone) but the creativity and the different spots were really great !
2) In your job, which is the most important thing you learnt this year?
That’s an interesting question. I’ve learned many things this year. The most important might be that companies are discovering what I would call “the relationship capital”. The “relationship capital” is the capacity of the brand to be loved, what is “not said”, how far it is close from its customers. They now have to learn how far it is important for them and how to handle it. In fact, we are here to explain them what is going on.
3) As a digital marketer what’s on top of your agenda for 2008?
First are listening and watching what is going on and keep updated. I think this is a basis in a fast moving environment to understand what is going on. But what is on the top of my agenda for 2008 is to better understand the blogs as media with an analysis of their reader and so on. People are always interested in who the bloggers are, I would like to know who the reader of the blogger are. I think this demand will grow very soon.

4) What, in your opinion, will be a killer application / key trend in interactive marketing in 2008?
It already begun in 2007, but I think everything around videos will grow next year. It is easy and fun to use and the mobile device are helping (thinking of the Ipod touch or Iphone and their competitors). Something like Seesmic (the new start up from Loic Le Meur) might be a killer application if it’s well realized.
5) Which book would you give as a Christmas present to Adverblog’s readers?
There are many books that I’ve read and which are interesting. I think the best one is The World Is Flat byThomas Friedland. It is not a marketing/communication book but it’s a great “ouvrage” to better understand the world. I don’t want to say much, just buy it and read it, it’s really approachable as Thomas Friedland is a journalist, you read it almost like a novel, it’s just great!

2 Responses to Advent calendar: Gregory Pouy

  1. Philippe Wyssen says:

    Just for the ones who want to buy this book. The guy is called Thomas Friedman.
    However, great post

  2. greg says:

    Philippe > yeah you’re right, I was somewhere else when I wrote this :)
    Thank you very much

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