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Truths about the Gol

December 30, 2007 at 9:23 by Martina Comments

As part of their campaign “Truths about the Gol” for the launch of the new Volkswagen Gol in Brazil, the extremely talented guys from Almap BBDO in Sao Paulo brought back the famous (and superviral) Chuck Norris’ facts to create the digital support for the campaign.

Each piece unveils a new and previously untold secret, such as why Superman wears his underwear on top of his clothes or what happens when Gol reaches the speed of light, being these two of six creative stories to be enjoyed, not only because of the superb art direction but also because of the nice and different interactions added to each one of them.

At the same time, and going 2.0, a site was launched containing a list of ChuckNorrisStyle-”truths” about the car and then allowing users uploading their own truths (and photos or videos related to them) or mixing and voting some of the already uploaded, creating rankings and awarding the first places in many different ways, like for instance creating stickers with the texts of the more voted, etc, expanding the digital fun into real. Really well done, although in Portuguese, time to use an online translator :)

Thanks to Daniel for sharing this story!

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