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Prospect Denim: visit now, buy later

January 8, 2008 at 7:30 by Martina Comments

Prospect Denim has launched a basic but lovely designed website to present its new collection.


There isn’t much to do on the site apart exploring the denim collection. There is a promising “Purchase” button in the top navigation menu, but at the moment if you click it you just get disappointed and rather annoyed, as the functionality is still under construction. Wouldn’t it be better to add the button at a later stage, with the e-commerce system in place instead of disappointing the visitors? It’s as simple as that…


The agency is MediaBoom

2 Responses to Prospect Denim: visit now, buy later

  1. well…maybe, but then you wouldn’t know that they are *going* to be selling stuff, and you might not return, at least like this they communicate that it will eventually have a store.
    I suppose it could’ve been done much more elegantly, say for example using copy for the reason it’s there, to talk to the user…
    “sorry, we fucked up and our e-commerce system isn’t online, put your email here if you want a notification when it’s online, or if it’s urgent, e-mail us at X address and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with a stockist or send you an order ourselves!”
    Companies must start talking like the people that are in them.

  2. Hey guys,
    Point taken. I guess we did not think things through as well as we should have… We plan to add an e-mail list, which will allow us to notify everyone once the ecommerce site is available and the goods are in stores…
    We really did not anticipate the response that we got as we were originally planning on launching this summer and just released the site to create buzz among industry insiders. Yes, in retrospect, it was very na�ve on our part to imagine that no one else would look at the site…
    Again thanks for the feedback and we will correct it as soon as we can.
    the folks at Prospect Denim

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