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March 3, 2008 at 4:17 by Mark Comments

Once upon a time in the West… Toke Nygaard from K10K got his laptop broken, and so it was that the entrance to the portal became a page with a picture of that broken laptop and asking people to collaborate so that he could buy a new one… and he got it!


And then there’s the story of the guy who, exchanging things, turned a red clip into a house. Last year, John Grden from Rock On Flash and core member of the Papervision 3D team asked something similar so that he could work on improving the performance of the famous 3D engine on a Mac, and it only took a couple of weeks to get the money through Paypal.
In the end, these situations follow the same pattern, some kind of “together we can”, that now has been blended with these viral times of us.

Nowadays, the challenge is making Guy Ritchie, a real bum, appear on the next Forbest Richest People through a website called Bumllionaire. As we are over 1 billion online users today, just $1 from each of us would make it…, i’m really curious about if he’ll be getting that or not.


With the finest sense of humor (there is even a Facebook group you can join), the site gathers videos and information about Guy and the status of his crusade.

So let’s see what the kid can do :)

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