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Remix your Lynx

April 25, 2008 at 12:58 by Martina Comments

The Lynx Effect is on air again in the UK with a new website that encourages consumers to mix the Lynx fragrances.


Created by BBH the site features the tagline “It’s good to mix things up” and it’s directly connected to a partnership Lynx has signed with MTV to give more visibility to the campaign and to the online competition that invites consumers to watch the Lynx “barman” mixing the fragrances, and then submit their own videos.


The Lynx Effect in this case is not as cool and innovative as we are used to. realize I’m not the target for Lynx’ communication, but the site is nice to watch maybe once, when curiosity pushes you to explore it, but then the call to action for user generated content is not particularly compelling and it doesn’t give you a reason to participate nor to spread the word. Too bad.

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3 Responses to Remix your Lynx

  1. Jim says:

    This site is retarded. Totally useless and a waste of time and money. How about trying to engage me in some way or at least make it entertaining.

  2. Pam says:

    I agree with the latter comment, the idea seemed interesting so I clicked to explore. Perhaps it was my server but the whole discovery seemed drawn out and long to load. It had the girls, the sexual elemento and the cool factor with the barman your average jo whipping his skills out, but if I was a man it wouldn’t make me run to the nearest store but think yeah hot girls and full stop. If I was a boy then perhaps I would believe in the product and what it might do for me… its all trickle down I think.
    It does not focus on the product and mix it concentrates on the mix of the girls but the product stays the same just put in a different space place on the body, perhaps that’s a female perspective.
    i love lynx ads normally because their humour makes me jump out of the page, but this tooo sex and borderline boring

  3. paul jason says:

    So many missed opportunities here! I think I spent more time looking at preloaders than anything else…

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