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Cannes… Who????

June 17, 2008 at 1:44 by Mark Comments

Ok the Cannes Cyber shortlist is out. Who’s going to win the Grand Prix this year? Got milk tonight or need to fight for a kiss before bed, just remember I have 3 halos while walking around my Ikea kitchen but you may want to Simpsonize me if I am wrong. What do you think?? Maybe a Stella to think about it all… or not.

2 Responses to Cannes… Who????

  1. Well, I think that this year we can claim about nationalism in Mexico. We have a great contender on Grupo W with its work for Rexona. The agency has won everything in latin festivals even when they brought just gold from One Show! =)

  2. virgile says:

    hey mate,
    I would have voted for Electrocity but it’s not in the short list :-( !!!

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