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Some freshness in online fashion

August 13, 2008 at 4:48 by Martina Comments

I’m not exactly a fashion victim, but there are a bunch of fashion & lifestyle websites that represent a weekly must in my navigation agenda. Two of them, Yoox and Dazed Digital, have recently relaunched with a new look and improved features and functionalities.

Yoox is Italian, so I write about it with a touch of pride. In my opinion it’s the best ecommerce store for fashion. They offer very good deals, user experience before and after the purchase is great, browsing through products is easy and smartly conceived to drive compulsary shopping and, last but not least, you can even pay with Paypal, which is a detail but, for me, makes the difference. The new version they launched a few weeks ago is simply amazing. They managed to improve a site that was already almost perfect, changing the navigation and adding new products to the inventory. I can’t help feeling a bit worried for my bank account… :-)

The second site that has relaunched is Dazed Digital, that has decided to leave its black and stylish layout to adapt a white and a bit banal new look.

An article published today on NMA says the site has been redesigned to make room for fashion features such as designer profiles, studio profiles and monthly moodboards from Dazed stylist. Also in article, Jefferson Hack, owner of Dazed & Confused, is quoted saying “ isn’t a magazine website, it’s an ideas factory, a destination site, a reference tool, a content hub, a radar for what’s vital and relevant in an information-soaked culture.”
I think I will need some time to get used to it…

2 Responses to Some freshness in online fashion

  1. Very cool sites — loving the screenshots of them. More fashion sites should take notes on sites such a these!

  2. I too am a fan of Yoox. The new design, in my opinion, represents what should be the standard for online fashion retail. Well executed and smooth interface with multiple elements. 10/10.