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Samsung Omnia : out of the box

August 28, 2008 at 2:48 by Laurent Comments

Clever job by Samsung which uses good recipes of a successful viral campaign for its last phone, the Omnia.

Surely the South Korean company has the means to produce a fake video with SFX. And it makes it well. But the context of the video and its scenario catalyze its potential. It plays with one of its community meme: the unboxing video.

This kind of video is so representative of geek blogs it almost defines the category! It is this special moment when you get in “avant premiere” the last high tech toy the market is waiting for (or not), and you describe the wonderful and exciting adventure (or not ?) of opening a box… The video is homemade and reinforces the feeling the guy is about to discover a lost treasure, or rather a forgotten item, let by some advanced civilization. In few words, it is the very beginning of the test of the product, by the customer-specialist, that will partly decides of the success of its launch. The “recommended by” label.
It has become a compulsory exam for the mobile brands, and by using this set, Samsung shows it totally integrated these new codes. It even goes further by using it as a (PR) tribute to people who delivered real video reviews of the Omnia. It is here, on the fake blog the unboxing video is linked to.And by fake blog I really mean fake blog. Despite the fact it is published on blogger, you are not able to post comments … Well. You are allowed to send your thoughts to the Samsung team.
Hmmm … did I just say Samsung totally integrated new codes?
A very weird thing you can notice by cliking on the “tribute” article, is the script of the url :
Ok, English is not my mother tongue, but am I missing something here?
Sounds a little bit rude to me. Definitely not like a tribute.
It doesn’t prevent the original unboxing video from reaching more than 1M views in less than 10 days, and a huge amount of comments (mainly positive)!
Figures speak for themselves.

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