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Bruce Lee plays ping pong, own style, for Nokia

November 26, 2008 at 2:10 by Laurent Comments

A successful viral video by Nokia to promote its N96 … in China,
and which has already crossed many borders.

If you are lucky, have a good bandwith, or live in China, you might get access to the dedicated website.
Apparently this limited edition of the N96 is a $1,300 handset for fans, if you consider it offers no exclusive technology or application, but has lots of embedded materials of the Little Dragon, like rare pictures. Not to mention the packaging :
Bruce lee N96.jpg
I am usually not keen on brands raising icons from the dead to promote their last product (like Converse and Ian Curtis, Grrr … nice brand, cool campaign, but still …), but I must admit this video rocks !
Why ? I didn’t get the point of ping pong yet, but I like it !

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