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Buzz of the Week : French Mario Kart

December 11, 2008 at 5:01 by Laurent Comments

It has been days I’ve been hesitating to post on this …

envoyé par nqtv

It might be seen as pointless, and could have remained a funny local video.
Except it has reached 1,200,000 views in one week on Dailymotion, and 900,000 on Youtube, making it one of the top 5 videos of last week worldwide.
Figures that lots of agencies and brands would kill for.
And yet, it is not marketed and no brand is behind it. By no brand I mean Nintendo.
But still … even it is far from the family/social image the Japanese company is communicating on (I mean, who is this French punk showing bad example on road safety …), I let you imagine the huge and free exposure it means for them.

And far from damaging their licence’s image, I’m sure it makes fans of Mario Kart crazy.
I’m pretty convinced that this success is partly, not to say mainly, due to the community of gamers, as it plays with their codes.
If you are playing Mario Kart, you know what I mean.
And if you are wondering who is this crazy guy, be aware it is not his first try ( >100 videos). His site.
Remi Gaillard is known on the French internet for his motto, which is impossible to translate. Something like : Not taking things seriously is a good way not to take oneself seriously (?!…).
Note that his videos are based on weird situations, insane tricks, and cheek. Not on violence like Jackass.
Some brands have already worked with him.
Nike for example, one year ago ( +4,5M views) :

envoyé par nqtv

One Response to Buzz of the Week : French Mario Kart

  1. Mardare says:

    Translation proposal : It’s by doing whatever that we become whoever… ???
    Not really perfect english, though…

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