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Nokia’s Beautiful Connections

January 14, 2009 at 6:47 by Martina Comments

In the UK Nokia is online with a new website to present its E71 model. Wieden + Kennedy and Hi-res! are the agencies which commissioned four films to bring to life the concept of “Beautiful Connections” that characterizes the phone.


The result is a website made of four very beautiful videos and not much else. What I mean by this is that weirdly enough, the information about the mobile phone is almost non existent on the site. You get only two images of its design and that’s it.
I have contrasting feelings about marketing initiatives that mix art and advertising. As usual I have a very pragmatic approach, and I appreciate and understand them only when the brand and the product fit the artwork. In Nokia’s case the video do a nice job in visualizing the idea of beautiful connections, but the website lacks the step further not connecting the phone with the same idea. What do you think? Am I too radical in my opinion? Or am I too conservative thinking that adding technical information about the phone will banalize the experience?

Carl Burgess video’s is definitely my favourite. “A film that traces the artist’s daily journey between East and North London, documenting signs, road names, overheard conversations and ads. It is a study of the everyday things that become landmarks on the journey between two people“.

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2 Responses to Nokia’s Beautiful Connections

  1. Pou Pou says:

    I don’t think you’re too radical in your opinion. To the contrary, you’re too traditional and not brave enough. I think what they have done is great and the conceptual connections you make with product are far more powerful than the image of the product itself.

  2. Martina says:

    Well I haven’t got anything against the idea of using art to explain the concept of mobility and connection. Especially watching the outcome I think they did a great job, very beautiful and inspirational. My negative comment was against the fact that there are only two images of the phone to discover when you click on “learn more about the phone”. Since we are talking about technology, I think a few more boring yet useful technical details would have been appropriate, that’s it.

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