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Ikea gets tactical with Obama

January 20, 2009 at 6:46 by Martina Comments

I love tactical marketing actions as they are so much able to reinforce the coolness of a brand. Ikea latest action is a great example of smart tactical marketing. In the US they launched a guerrilla action and a website riding the way of Obama’s arrival at the White House.


The idea is simple: when you move into a new home, you’d like to furnish it according to your style and personal living needs. Well, if you go on EmbraceChange09, you can pretend to be Obama for a few moments, and organize the Oval Office the way you want.

The same idea has also been brought to life in a DC metro station, where visitors can experience a “real” Oval Office furnished only with Ikea’s products.
via Adivertido.

4 Responses to Ikea gets tactical with Obama

  1. Cory O'Brien says:

    I love how they incorporated many different elements into a single campaign to carry the theme through their online, offline and guerrilla marketing. I also like how they tapped Obama-mania but didn’t go overboard, and actually created something that people would like to interact with, because they can pretend to be the President for a day. Great stuff!

  2. beN says:

    So cool & so effective !
    As we like ;)

  3. Serge says:

    Nice but where is the stripper pole?

  4. James says:

    And I personally feel IKEA’s got a LOT better claim to having something in common with the new administration’s goals than Pepsi :) . Why? Well, I’ve posted on a bunch of blogs, but finally decided to do a whole series on the topic: .
    Obviously I’m not exactly without bias here, but Green practices are something near and dear to my heart, and one of the main reasons I like IKEA so much ;-) .

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