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Cravendale is back (and still has something to say)

February 3, 2009 at 7:00 by Martina Comments

The world of Cravendale Milk is back with the 2009 edition of the website (if you want to read about the 2007 version, click here). It is not as fun and crazy as the previous version, but it still offers us some food for thought.


Despite the extremely didascalic/self celebration message that welcomes visitors on the homepage (we think a milk website should be fun, it’s not just about clicking and reading…) the website really manages to create a nice experience thanks to its interface.


I browsed around for a while and to be honest content isn’t particularly special (Tv ads, ringtones, wallpapers and yes, a talking cow) but what makes the difference is the great execution in Flash. The site is simply beautiful and the idea of moving/spinning around the menu cubes is quite fun, even if isn’t functional to the navigation nor to unlock additional content (this would have been uber cool, take note). Make sure to visit the registration form, it’s the most “unstable” you’ve ever seen…


Last but not least, an appreciation note for the sketched characters that sometimes appear around the screen. Unexpected tiny details that surprise the user and contribute to deliver a positive experience on the website.
The agency is Outside Line.

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One Response to Cravendale is back (and still has something to say)

  1. Great site. The cow could use a little more knowledge. He was easily stumpable. But all in all a fun site to play around with.

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