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The smallest advergame ever

February 19, 2009 at 10:18 by Martina Comments

German agency Jung von Matt has joined forces with French web developer Mathieu ‘P01′ HENRI to produce the smallest advergame ever. It sits in 16*16 pixels or, better, in a favicon. The progject has been conceived to promote a very small car: the Smart fortwo.

As you can see from the video, banners have been placed on automotive sites to invite people to play. The idea is fun and definitely very creative even if I’m not sure how many people visiting those websites have really appreciated it. Would be interesting to know not only the buzz the advergame will be able to create in the blogosphere, but also the numbers in terms of clickthrough (for example) it generate.
via The Ispiration Room

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5 Responses to The smallest advergame ever

  1. Awesome use of the interactive media. Kudos.

  2. Darren says:

    This has got to be a hoax right? You can’t divide pixels for displaying any object smaller than that, and the favicon is a bmp/gif right? How would create an interaction layer on that? super browser specific?

  3. Drjones says:

    I stand corrected – heres a working example But how its done I cant see many sites happy to host it.
    Nice Idea though.

  4. This is not a hoax. The games work exactly the same way as DEFENDER of the favicon, i.e.:

    DOM events for the key handling, JavaScript for game the logic, Canvas for the rendering, export as a PNG32 using Canvas.toDataURL() to feed a new LINK tag replacing the one specifying the favicon, goto 10.

    Alas only Opera & Firefox have this magic combination of features and standards support that make this feat possible. I’ve had no luck whatsoever with Safari. Using a different approach for the rendering, it might work in Internet Explorer.

    Check the favicon games I made for Jung von Matt and the Smart fortwo on:

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