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The first five days

April 7, 2009 at 11:11 by Martina Comments

In The Netherlands, the “Nationaal ComitĂ© 4 en 5 mei” has launched an online exhibition to explain young generations what it ment for the country to face World War II.


The website offers an immersive Flash and 3D experience which takes visitors through the first five days of the German invasion started on May 10, 1940.

You will be taken to the day of the invasion where you wake at 3.55 at night and hear the first German planes fly over. You can operate the radio to listen to original news items from that day, on the table are the newspapers with the first news of the invasion.


The experience is extremely rich and nicely developed, with a lot of original materials to discover and learn from that have a strong potential to stimulate discussions in the schools. I also appreciate the possibility to explore content from different angles. You can browse by “media” or you can decide to move forward with a more linear navigation following the events day after day.


The agency is Black Magic Marker.

One Response to The first five days

  1. fallenasleep says:

    i can’t help myself but i’ve really gotten tired of waiting for tons of flash content to load, no matter how good it may be.
    every time i see progress bars going at the speed of a snail (i have a 10+ mbit connection), my brain shuts down and my mouse pointer wants to reach the close button as quickly as possible.
    be creative with js … and stop thinking of websites as streaming feature films

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