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The Smart URL

April 14, 2009 at 9:26 by Martina Comments

I love this simple (smart) idea by Smart: a tiny URLs generator “to park large url’s into tiny spaces.

smart_url.jpg Type in your URL and see how Smart transforms it to fit its dimensions.


via Adivertido.

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4 Responses to The Smart URL

  1. Smart car and tiny url, what a perfect combination. Doesn’t hurt to get on the Twitter bandwagon too.

  2. I just wish it actually did create a small URL. has them beat with a much smaller URL. Still, it is a great idea.

  3. LindsJay says:

    This is a great campaign– the smart car is exactly like a shrunken URL. Big cars are annoying and gas guzzeling just as long URLS are a pain to type in and remember. So why not get smart by shrinking the car! Two great correlations.

  4. Fabian Sax says:

    the only drawback is that these shortened URL’s aren’t necessarily short. It’d be cool if a smart-URL could compete with or something similar.
    anyway, the idea is great.