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Lacoste gets cool

April 19, 2009 at 10:20 by Martina Comments

Strange but true, Lacoste is becoming (or coming back) as a cool brand, at least online, and/or at least for its latest website. The campaign was shot by Terry Richardson, and this is already a good start.


The website visuals look very familiar to me, with a strong mix of white, red and green. I like the way the collection is presented. I like the weird messages all around the screen. I like the music in the transitions among sections. I just don’t like the advergame, it looks like it has been forced into the site. It simply doesn’t fit.

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3 Responses to Lacoste gets cool

  1. Like the use of visuals. Totally agree that the game seems like it doesn’t belong.

  2. Mark says:

    I like the way video is used to promote the clothing. It gives it much more power and karakter than a picture would!

  3. Be3PI says:

    Megalo(s) have done a decent work, but not really original: they just took what’s “trendy”, and mix it in a campaign: advergame guitarhero like, slowmotion, yuksek music, iphone…
    My main problem is more about Lacoste brand strategy. In France,Lacoste had, few years ago, a really bad reputation, and dressed mostly in the ‘ghettos’by creating jogging, etc…
    Now they seemed to target white elite (no black or minority in the video…). Where is the coherence??

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