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Fight the fur hunters

May 6, 2009 at 8:41 by Martina Comments

A few days ago I wrote advergames might have gone out of fashion. Fernando, from Argentina emailed me to deny my comment, and show that advergames are alive and kicky, and can be used also to drive awareness around sensitive topics such as anti-fur communication. Look at the advergame created by BBDO Argentina for FABA (the local PETA).


The game mechanism in itself isn’t particularly innovative, what is really interesting instead is the choice of such a digital communication tool to spread the anti-fur message.


Also, I think the art direction in the project is very good and makes the difference in the appeal of the game.

2 Responses to Fight the fur hunters

  1. Sofyan says:

    The artwork are nice, game experience are lame.

  2. Jack Zufelt says:

    The art looks fun. Interesting choice of media to spread this message.

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